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Indigenous Leadership, Innovation, & Transformation Consulting Group

At Len Pierre Consulting (LPC) we believe in challenging the status quo for Reconciliation and Indigenous Cultural Safety and Humility in organizations. The way we challenge the status quo is by offering meaningful learning experiences to educate the heart, mind, and spirit of everyday professionals. 

Everything we do is an invitation to enhance your professional practice by embedding applicable strategies into your work to ultimately lean towards systemic transformation where organizations are culturally safer, equitable, and transformative. 

We are a multidisciplinary team of consultants and facilitators who advise and train teams/organizations on Indigenous Cultural Safety, Reconciliation, Decolonization, & Anti-Racism. 


Consultation Services

Our team supports organizations who are embarking on organizational transformation for reconciliation, cultural safety, or decolonization. These services include but are not limited to project advising, project coordination, policy development, program auditing, facilitating focus groups and facilitation services. 

Cultural Advising


LPC offers cultural services for clients in the form of cultural advising, cultural openings for events, Elder services, and cultural workshops like cedar twining, Coast Salish weaving, medicine walks, etc. To view our full range of cultural workshops see our workshops section. 


Our team has over 40 workshops and courses available to teams and organizations in every professional sector. This includes education for Indigenous Cultural Safety, reconciliation, decolonization, leadership training, lateral violence training, cultural awareness, and motivational speaking for Indigenous youth. To see our full range of workshops available please see our workshops section. 

     LPC Podcast

Continue your learning journey with us and lean into important conversations around Indigenous issues with our new LPC Podcast on Spotify and Apple. The LPC Podcast is a platform where we share knowledge, stories, and community networking for reconciliation, decolonization, and cultural safety. 

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