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Len's Online School

 Expand Your Knowledge with Our Expert-Led Courses

Our online school provides comprehensive learning experiences designed to expand your knowledge, enhance Indigenous cultural awareness, and improve your cultural safety skills with practical tools for your professional toolkit. Focusing on Indigenous equity, reconciliation, cultural safety, and cultural humility, our courses cover a diverse range of professional subjects and are led by Len and the team.

These courses are tailored for corporate professionals, students in healthcare, education, government, justice services, social services, Indigenous communities, non-profits, and the private corporate sector.

Introduction to Indigenous Cultural Safety

Building Safe & Inclusive Teams and Organizations in Canada

This course introduces the practice of Indigenous Cultural Safety as a safety initiative for teams and organizations.


This foundational course includes:

  • Defining key Indigenous terms and culturally safe ways to use these terms

  • Discussing the origins of anti-Indigenous racism in colonial Canada

  • Assembling pragmatic strategies for embedding ICS into organizations

Instructor: Len Pierre

Tuition: $199

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Indigenous Trauma & Equity Informed Practice

Expanding Perspectives and Practices

This course aims at expanding our social perceptions on the missing context not usually covered in other ‘trauma-informed’ trainings. This session centers Indigenous perspectives on the change needed to go beyond being “informed” and lead towards culturally safer and equity-oriented organizations and services.


Main learning ideas include:

  • Exploring the relationship between colonialism, state violence against Indigenous peoples, and Indigenous-specific trauma today

  • Identifying common trauma-responses in the workplace environment

  • Assembling strategies to respond to trauma in a culturally safe way

  • Embedding equity-oriented approaches to working with Indigenous peoples

Instructor: Len Pierre

Tuition: $99

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Indigenous Allyship and Anti-Racism Training

Active Allyship in Practice

Being an ally is not a static identity, it is a sign of privilege. Allyship is also not declared but based on the context in which you ACT. This course unpacks the similarities and differences for being an ally to Indigenous peoples in relation to other ally contexts.


Main learning ideas include:

  • Defining allyship, solidarity, and anti-racism

  • Exploring examples of allyship in the Indigenous context

  • Identifying strategies for talking about racism and cultural safety with teams

Instructor: Len Pierre

Tuition: $99

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Working in First Nations Communities

This course is designed for professionals who work in First Nations communities from various disciplines: health, social services, education, management, land use, business, etc.

Main learning ideas:

  • Explore the context of First Nations in Canada including Indian Reserves, Indian Status, and the Indian Act

  • Understanding the devastating colonial impacts and ongoing oppression of First Nations today by the state of Canada

  • Assembling practical strategies for working in First Nations communities in a culturally safe way 


Instructor: Len Pierre

Tuition: $99

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Do you have questions about our online school? You can fill out our LPC Contact Form and one of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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