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Cultural Safety is Generational Work: in unity with my friends also doing this good work

"If you are not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I'm not interested in your feedback"

-Brene Brown

Happy Friday friends! Fridays are definitely good times to look back and reflect on the week, do you agree? Maybe not, haha. Maybe it's best just to get on with the weekend rest, relaxation, or whatever floats your boat. This evening I did have some time to look back at the week and found a theme that seemed to be lingering on my mind.

That theme is really processing other peoples feedback on my decolonization, reconciliation, and Indigenization work that seems rather skeptical or even downright dismissive. As a long time educator, facilitator, and trained broadcaster I am used to receiving feedback on a daily basis and I welcome it to make my practice even stronger. How ever, there is something very arduous about letting go of your own community members criticizing your efforts to make change. I think that is largely because this work calls for a tremendous degree of courage and persistence in fighting many battles. Then to be hit with a "side jab" by folks whom this topic matters most certainly hits you in the 'feels' for sure.

Anyway, this video is not about complaining, rather I offer it as a message of unity and solidarity to all my Indigenous friends and colleagues who also do this work. We are in it together and for the long run. To non-Indigenous friends, I offer this as spreading some kind awareness on the work that goes into generational change that we lead as Indigenous peoples.

Thank you for listening, reading, and watching.

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