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Longhouse Experiential Learning


Approx. $6,900. +GST


Up to 3.5 hours


About the Course

This session brings participants into the context of Indigenous culture and

community. Workshops take place in the longhouse setting with ceremony, food,

songs, and open dialogue among participants.

Together we explore Indigenous societal values and structures before colonization

and discuss the devastating effects of violence against Indigenous communities and its lasting impacts today. Participants will draw connections between state violence and contemporary Indigenous health and social inequities such as poverty, trauma, mental health, and substance use.

Duration: 4 hours

Participant size: 20 people min-50 people max

Cost: Approximately $6,900.00 depending on participants size (catering costs)

Session outcomes:

  • Visit, learn, and understand the significance of the First Nations longhouse as

    a traditional dwelling and cultural symbol of learning and healing today

  • Witness and participate in a ceremonial opening and community feast

  • Engage in peer dialogue on the impacts of state violence against Indigenous

    peoples and its implications for Indigenous health, wellness, and connection


Your Instructor

Len & Team

Len & Team

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